Ronald E. Kaehne allegedly broke into a Dover home in the early morning of January 17, 2015. He is accused of then slashing Dale Parker’s throat as Parker was startled awake. Parker survived and his girlfriend, asleep in the room as well, was unharmed. Kaehne has recently pleaded no-contest to the charges. A trial may ensue in the next several months but there is a major legal issue involved with this particular case: was he sane at the time of his alleged criminal actions and was he aware of the difference between right and wrong?

Kaehne has been charged with attempted first-degree intentional homicide, armed burglary and substantial battery. But based upon what he has told investigators and the court, his mental capacity is in question and, if the allegations are proven, he may be sent to a rehabilitative institution rather than a penal one. According to a recent report in the Journal Times, a trial to determine Kaehne’s mental capacity and whether or not he is fit to face criminal prosecution is schedule for June 8.