Bad luck, bad choices and a bad economy: All of these can lead someone into homelessness. Bad public policy may also be to blame. The homelessness problem is grave in Delaware and is often linked to other criminal problems such as prostitution and substance abuse. WBOC recently reported on a meeting at the Dover City Council intended to address the problem.

Civic and religious leaders from throughout Delaware met to discuss how the problem might be solved or at least alleviated. Dover Mayor Robin Christiansen said the meeting was intended to create real solutions and virtually end the tragedy of homelessness, according to WBOC.

Like many social problems, including crime, homelessness is a symptom of larger social issues. The latest meeting of civic and religious leaders should be a symbol to everyone concerned about major social problems. The motivation for solutions should be prompted by compassion rather than aggression. Rather than treating homelessness as a crime, perhaps it will be treated as a health crisis. Over the next several months, we can hope civic efforts lead to real solutions.