According to the Dover Police Department, an individual has been having trouble with his conditions of release. Such conditions are generally issued when an individual is let out of some form of correctional program. The individual in question first had problems on August 31.

The Windham County Superior Court  Criminal Division cited Timothy Buckley that day for violating his conditions of release. On September 1 he was then flash cited by the same criminal court institution for both violating his conditions of release and on charges of disorderly conduct.

Astute observers may conclude that the two instances would have something to do with one another. Disorderly conduct might very well violate the conditions of release that an individual is given. Such conditions are generally issued when someone is let out of any type of correctional program as a result of previous charges.

For instance if someone were in prison and given an early release for whatever reason, they would be issued certain conditions. As long as these conditions are not violated an individual would then remain a free person. However some charges may be levied if an individual violates these conditions.

As a result many people take great steps to avoid such problems. Repeat offenders will sometimes quickly violate such terms, and as a result end up in a prison program as well. Good legal council is vital in such cases to ensure that both parties can come to some kind of terms.

Citizens who are having trouble meeting their conditions can sometimes work with police officers, courts and legal council to put together a program that will ensure that they can stay out of trouble. Conditions are usually made to avoid causing additional crimes that would have charges levied against a single person. Staying out of situations that would lead to such charges is usually paramount.

People who are in these types of cases should not feel as though they have no hope, however. Attorneys are often able to sort things out and get together a better deal for their clients.