Police in the Dover area have been busy with motor vehicle related incidents as of late. Two different individuals were cited into the Windham County Superior Court for incidents involving motor vehicles. Nevertheless, it does not appear that either of these incidents was at all connected with the other. Still it is unusual that the citations went out on the same day.

Back on October 13, the Dover police department arrested a man. Thomas Rech was arrested for driving while under the influence of alcohol. While it might seem relatively innocuous, this kind of charge is not. Considering the number of drunk drivers who are involved in motor vehicle accidents, police departments as well as prosecutors take these kinds of charges extremely seriously.

Attorneys are often needed to ensure that such a charge does not ruin an individual's future employment prospects. Someone might very well fall behind in life because of such a charge. Sometimes departments may require people to blow into a device to start their car, and in other cases these charges could prevent individuals from participating in certain types of programs.

As a result, proper legal advice and planning is considered vital for these kinds of cases. Thomas Rech was cited into the criminal division of the Windham County Superior Court after his arrest. However, that was not the only action that court was going on see on that day. Nicholas Dow was cited into the criminal division of the same court on October 13.

His charge, however, was slightly different. Dow had been driving with a criminally suspended license. The reason that his license was suspended has not yet been made clear to members of the press. Considering the nature of the case, the reasons may be similar to those of Rech's. His license may also have been suspended for any one of a number of other reasons.

Regardless of the reason behind it, Dow will be able to please his case before the court of law. Legal representation would certainly help here.