On Wednesday September 11 the Dover Police department announced that they were looking for someone who had stolen money out of a charity bucket. The suspect had taken the money out of a bucket that collects money from consumers at the 7-11 convenience store in Dover. The store then donates the money to charity.

Police officers released a photograph that showed a white male suspect, and immediately asked if anyone had information that could help in identifying him. They then said that those who had some information should contact a specific officer if they did have anything that they would be able to reply with.

Some replies were apparently a little unusual. That might be a bit understandable, considering the nature of the crime. There was some talk over the motivations and the need to actually steal money from a charity bucket. Nevertheless, eventually the suspect was identified.

Dover police announced that the suspect was Dylan Zinn. He was cited into the criminal division of the Windham County Superior Court on charges of Petit Larceny. Considering the crime, it is unlikely that the charges are going to be particularly major.

Many jurisdictions have gotten rid of the idea of grand larceny and petit or petty larceny. Instead they have gone to a system that classifies larcenies either as felonies or misdemeanors. Some areas have not switched to these systems however.

That might help to explain why the crime is still classified as petit larceny in Windham County. Laws sometimes divide the different types of larceny by the amount or value of the item stolen. In other cases, there could be differences based on the ownership or type of area that the property was taken in.

In either case, this specific crime is probably going to be classified as a misdemeanor. Depending on how much was taken and the reasons behind it, the punishment will probably be not very severe. Nevertheless, it is difficult and perhaps unethical to speculate. Considering where the money was taken from, some individuals might have a serious problem with the crime as a whole.