The long Thanksgiving weekend marks the beginning of the holiday season. Many people throughout Delaware will travel to visit family and friends. Many of these gatherings will include alcohol. This is one of the reasons area law enforcement agencies are banding together to get suspected drunk drivers off the road.

Nearly 80 regional law enforcement agencies—including several from Dover—will increase patrols and DUI checkpoints starting over the Thanksgiving weekend. Regrettably, many revelers will not designate a driver or prioritize safety. A National Highway Traffic Safety Administration study shows, over the last several decades, DUI fatalities and injuries increase dramatically from late November through early January. This year, unfortunately, should be no different. Dover police and other area officials should be lauded for their efforts to keep the roadways safe. However, their dedication may lead to mistakes and violations of the Constitution. If you are arrested for suspicion of DUI, the police may treat you as if you are already guilty. Contact a defense attorney immediately to assert your rights. You are not guilty until proven otherwise.