While the details of the October 25 shooting are still being gathered, there are some certainties: two Dover residents, accused of multiple crimes, were killed at an Elkton, MD hotel. The young couple, both of them approximately 25-years-old, were wanted on drug and weapons charges in Delaware. The police fired at them, allegedly, when each of the suspects emerged from a hotel room with replica handguns, disregarded police orders and, allegedly, appeared to be threatening the officers. 

This individual case is tragic for all involved. Perhaps details will emerge offering some relief to family members of the deceased. But there is also a cost paid by police officers who may respond appropriately but who, nevertheless, must bear the psychological burden of, possibly, assisting in suicide. Perhaps the suicide theory is mere speculation by media outlets but, regardless, the case is a reminder of this terrible phenomenon called “suicide by cop” that leaves a wake of misery.