At times it seems that the problem is being controlled or simply could not get any worse. However, in recent days, more evidence has emerged that the approach Delaware is taking to the heroin problem has proven insufficient. A man in Ogletown was recently arrested with more than 270 bags of heroin for sale. Furthermore, data show that a Delawarean dies every two days from a heroin overdose. The number of fatal heroin overdoses has tripled since 2009. Even when addicts do not succumb to addiction and experience fatal tragedy, their actions are often devastating to their family, friends and communities. What is being done to stop the problem?

Unfortunately, the problem is often perceived as a law enforcement issue. Our law enforcement officers do a spectacular job given the challenges but regardless of how dedicated law enforcement may be, the underlying issues of addiction must be dealt with in a more comprehensive way. According to a recent Delaware Online story, a new Drug Overdose Fatality Review Commission has been formed in Dover to investigate and propose solutions. We should all hope that the solutions they provide are more practical than simply “increasing patrols.”