Even when there is a preponderance of evidence indicating that a suspect is guilty of a crime, a skilled criminal defense attorney can offer hope. At the very least, a criminal defense attorney with experience and a history of success may be able to dramatically reduce the risk of the most brutal criminal penalties. For many Dover residents and others in the general public, the recent bank robbery of Dover's WSFS Bank and the arrest of a suspect appears to be an open-and-shut case. But for an experienced criminal defense attorney, it is not so simple.

According to a report on Delaware.Newszap.com, the suspected bank robber fled the scene with stolen bills falling from his pockets. This created a trail that police easily followed to an apartment complex walking distance from the bank. The black-clad and masked gunman is suspected of demanding cash from one of the bank tellers shortly after the bank opened. After following the trail of money and listening to several eye-witness accounts, the police arrived at the apartment complex. The police report indicates that the suspect threw something black into the dumpster shortly after the robbery allegedly took place. In a search of the dumpster later, police found a black mask.

To make matters even worse for the suspect, the stolen cash was equipped with an exploding pack of red dye. Traces of the dye were found on his body. Red-stained money, along with a handgun, were also found at the apartment complex. As a condition of a prior arrest in 2007, the suspect is not permitted to carry a firearm. If police determine that the gun was in his possession, the suspect may be facing serious penalties and, if the theft allegations are substantiated against him, his penalties may be extremely severe. But his risks can be minimized.

While there may be overwhelming evidence against this suspect, a thorough analysis of the case will be necessary. That analysis must be objective and leave no detail unexamined. If the suspect's constitutional rights were violated in any way, if the police did not follow procedures, if the suspect is the victim of false accusations, if the suspect was forced to rob the bank against his will: these are just a few ways that a defense attorney can challenge the case.

While the general public may believe that this suspect is clearly guilty based upon media reports and law enforcement statements, criminal defense lawyers know that no one should be convicted of a crime until they are proven, beyond any reasonable doubt, to be guilty. Furthermore, even if a suspect goes on to be convicted, an attorney can limit exposure to the most severe penalties. For an experienced criminal defense lawyer, even open-and-shut cases are never open-and-shut.