While heroin addiction has been on the rise throughout the nation and throughout the northeast, including Delaware, methamphetamine addiction also continues to ruin lives throughout the country. In some ways, the meth problem in the nation seems to have been forgotten. And rather than rallying public support to fight the scourge of addiction, law enforcement seems to have the public’s blessing: treat the meth problem strictly as a criminal issue. While manufacturing and distributing this dangerous substance should be curtailed, unless more effort is made to address meth addiction, the meth problem will continue to plague Dover and communities throughout the nation. The latest to be caught up in the drug dragnet are two suspects arrested in Millsboro for allegedly manufacturing meth.

According to the Dover Post, “Georgetown probation and parole officers uncovered the operation on Thursday, Jan. 24, in the 29000 block of Hickman Lane.” The officers were visiting the home of a man who was on probation for a drug conviction when they discovered the alleged meth operation. They also found ammunition and other potentially incriminating evidence. The two suspects have been “charged with operating a clandestine laboratory, possession with intent to deliver counterfeit controlled substances, three counts of possession of drug paraphernalia, second-degree conspiracy and possession of methamphetamine.” Both are in need of an aggressive and sympathetic attorney with extensive experience in drug defense cases. As long as the drug problem is treated primarily as a criminal issue, such attorneys will be vital.